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There are many choices for consumers when it comes to self defense products and Non -Lethal Self Defense Products. The problem is choosing a self defense weapon that can be effectively used in a confrontation. The weapon must be accessible, easy to deploy, simple to use, easy to carry, be legal to carry and preferably non-lethal. In addition, you really want a self defense weapon that gives you extended distance from your attacker. Not many of the self defense products on the market fit this description.

Stun Guns vs. the Fast Strike Whip | Review Stun Gun Options

In order for stun guns to be effective you have to literally hold the device into large or sensitive muscle groups for a period of time, optimally 3-5 seconds, in order for it to create the desired effect. The movies portray a simple touch from a Stun Gun as immobilizing the attacker but this is probably not a true representation. Stun guns may not be very good for women, particularly those who are not physically strong, as they can be taken away and used against them. In addition, this is a very close quarters self defense weapon. To be used effectively, the user must be in actual contact with the attacker. This is not a good situation for anyone to be in.

Batons: These may not be considered non-lethal products.
Batons do offer extended striking distances and are very effective. The negative aspects of a baton compared to the The FAST STRIKE™ weapon are: 1. Being able to comfortably conceal carry the weapon, 2. That it will be easier for the attacker to take away from the user due to the size of the striking end, 3. Batons can be lethal and 4. Batons are illegal in many states. The FAST STRIKE™ weapon is incredibly fast and small in diameter which will make it very difficult for the attacker to grab onto during a confrontation.

Escrima Sticks or Fighting Sticks: These may not be considered non-lethal products.

These self defense weapons are very effective but incredibly difficult to learn to use. Special techniques are required to use these effectively. In addition, it is not feasible to conceal carry these Fighting Sticks. In many states, Escrima Sticks or Fighting sticks are illegal.

Pepper Spray:
This is an excellent choice for extended striking distance but you risk having the Pepper Spray product work against you if the wind is blowing, the canister is pointing in the wrong direction or you get this on your hands and touch your eyes. Pepper Spray canisters have a short shelf life and could be dead when you need it. These pepper spray canisters are also sensitive to heat and cold so storage is a concern. Several states have restrictions against Pepper Spray.

FAST STRIKE™ weapon:

FAST STRIKE™ weapon:

Fast Strike is very small and easy to conceal carry. It is only 1/2" thick and weighs 3 ounces. This fits easily into the inside of the waist band of your pants or around your waist. Fast Strike also easily clips onto purses, bags, back packs or bikes.

Deployment of the self defense weapon is lightning fast. Only a fraction of a second is required to draw and deliver the first blow. The small cross section of the striking end transfers the energy of the weapon to a very small area on the target and may cause severe trauma. Strikes to the hands and fingers may result in broken bones while strikes to the neck and face area will cause extreme pain, bruising and possibly lacerations.

The small cross section of the striking end, the cable like stiffness and the incredible tip speed also make it very unlikely that the perpetrator can take the product from you. The handle is also an effective impact weapon. This self defense product requires no special training or elaborate techniques to be used effectively. If you can move your arm or your wrist, you can effectively strike. Simple Self Defense with FAST STRIKE.


Legal: There are Federal, State and Local restrictions in some jurisdictions prohibiting the possession or use of weapons, even for self-defense. Fast Strike Defense, WILL NOT sell any products in violation thereof. It is the responsibility of you the Buyer, not Fast Strike Defense, to understand your local, state, and federal laws before placing an order. By placing an order, you, the Buyer represents that you do not live in a location where our products are restricted from manufacture, sale, shipment, purchase, or possession.

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