non-lethal self defense tactical whip

In 2016 my youngest daughter was moving from a small town in Montana to Las Vegas.  I was extremely concerned with how she could protect herself without the legal nightmare of using a gun.  I gave her a small knife and told her to do whatever was necessary to get away.   I later realized that this was very bad legal advice.  I found out that using a gun or a knife in a self-defense situation could land you in prison quite easily.  It was at this point that the FAST STRIKE tactical Whip was born.  I spent a lot of time researching various self-defense products and weighing the pros and cons of each.  More importantly, would my daughter want to carry the item and would she actually use it.   

I researched expandable batons, kubatons, pepper sprays, stun guns, tasers, fighting sticks, nun-chuks and other fighting type weapons.  Nothing seemed to fit the need due to size, weight or complexity, The problem with many of these items is they require special training or elaborate techniques to be used effectively.  Other items were just too bulky to carry or conceal carry.  Pepper sprays have dead canister problems or wind simply blows the spray into the user's eyes.   Stun guns are just close quarter products which means the attacker is on you and way too close.   Guns are the best bet in regard to a deterrent but have significant drawbacks if used. The risk of hitting an innocent bystander is very high and the legal problems are massive.   For all of these reasons, I knew there was a better solution.  The Product had to be incredibly simple to use, easy to conceal carry, provide extended striking distance, be light weight, deliver significant pain when used and be non-lethal.   The goal was to have a product that allowed the user to strike accurately, strike fast and get away without causing a lethal event.  The first items I developed were floppy and not functional. I discovered that I needed a tensioning mechanism to adjust the stiffness of the whip.  This made the striker very responsive, incredibly fast and very effective at delivering devastating blows without self-striking.   This was truly SIMPLE SELF DEFENSE.   A simple flick of the wrist creates enough force to break fingers and generate significant welts on the attacker. The striker is roughly 17 inches long and gives the user a space of about 3 feet from the bad guy. The total weight of the FAST STRIKE Tactical Whip is just 3 ounces.  This is truly a simple self-defense product that almost anyone can use effectively without specialized training or elaborate techniques.  Developed by a father for the people he loves the most.